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Multimedia Art Event
11 October 2011
National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine
Curator: Kostyantyn Doroshenko

Fatal Strategies is a text by Jean Baudrillard, a rich source of observations and critique of the so-called Western culture and society. In the wake of its translation into Ukrainian, a major multimedia art event based on Baudrillard’s book will take place in Kyiv, which not only will introduce a new way of book promotion but also serves as a tool for the propagation of translations of philosophical books in Ukraine.

The multidisciplinary event whill comprise modern philosophy, video art, performances, architecture and a fashion collection by Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova. It will put Baudrillard’s philosophical ideas as one of the leaders of intellectual thought in Europe into contemporary context in today’s Ukraine.

The Ukrainian translation is published by Calvaria Publishing House, which will distribute a special collector’s edition among the guests. A catalogue of the event (Ukrainian/English) will be produced.

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